The 2016 RX is packed with impressive technologies, like the new rear lock feature on the power rear door and the available Touch-Free Power Rear Door. Here are the the simple steps to its operation.

The Touch-Free Power Rear Door enables automatic opening of the power back door by holding a hand over (about an inch above) the upper part of the rear emblem. When operating the Touch-Free Power Rear Door, make sure that the touch-free sensor operation is enabled and that you are carrying the Smart Key remote.

While carrying the Smart Key remote, place your hand over the upper part of the rear emblem and hold it there until a buzzer sounds. (The upper part of the rear emblem can also be touched and placing your arm or elbow over the emblem will also open the door.) If all of the doors are locked, they will be unlocked when your hand is detected.

Immediately after the buzzer sounds, move your hand away. If you do not move your hand away, a buzzer will sound twice and the power back door will not operate. Check that the power back door begins to open.

To stop the power back door partway, touch the rear emblem.

To operate the power back door again, use the power rear door switch located on the rear door. (Holding your hand over the upper part of the rear emblem will not operate the touch-free sensor again.) Pressing quickly twice causes the rear door to close and all doors to lock. When you press and hold the rear door “close” button for about 7 seconds, the door defaults to full-open position. To reset the power rear door-opening height, press and hold the “close” button for about 2 seconds. It’s easy, intuitive and now on the RX.