The 2016 RX is packed with impressive technologies, like the new rear lock feature on the power rear door and the available Touch-Free Rear Door.

To open the door, simply place your hand about an inch above the Lexus emblem while the Smart Key is in your pocket or purse. At the sound of the beep, remove your hand and the door will open automatically. If the emblem is covered more than one second, a second beep will signal and prevent the door from opening. Placing your arm or elbow over the emblem will also open the door.

You can stop an opening or closing power rear door by pressing the “close” button once. Pressing quickly twice causes the rear door to close and all doors to lock. When you press and hold the rear door “close” button for about 7 seconds, the door defaults to full-open position. To reset the power rear door-opening height, press and hold the “close” button for about 2 seconds. It’s easy, intuitive and now on the RX.